Mountain Lodge in Bucovina

Mountain Lodge in

Set in a remote area of Bucovina, this house responds to the client’s desire to connect and experience the environment throughout all four seasons and is designed to face the elements and bring in the stunning views of the forest scenery.The “L” shape and the intimate portions of the house, help separate the public areas from the more private areas. Public areas, including the family room, kitchen and bar are grouped together, while the private areas – the master bedroom and children bedrooms- are more secluded. Inspired by traditional Romanian architecture and furniture, the house uses a simple palette of materials— wood, stone, glass and concrete —relying on craftsmanship to provide the visual counterpoint.


  • Team : arch, Dana Tudor, arch. Dragos Nastase
  • Date : 10.06.2016
  • Area : 170 sqm / 1830 sqft
  • Status : Under development
  • Location : Bucovina
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