Lamerwood House-Interior

Lamerwood House
London - UK

The whole process was a quest for integrity, a search to reconcile the ideal of a family with the absolute independence of the individual, so that every space inhabited becomes one to own: private, permanent - yet free. Our response was a home bound to place, born out of the natural context, reflecting in its approach the diverse personalities of its family and the natural surroundings. Each room gives it’s occupant a unique space: an individual view, a private conversation with nature, yet unity with the whole by means of a common architectural language, materials, pathways and vegetation, all with a proud air of isolation allowing to breathe the rhythms of seasons.


  • Team : arch. Dana Tudor, arch. Dragos Nastase, arch. Ileana Cristina Balan
  • Date : 10.07.2015
  • Client : Private client
  • Area : 800 sqm / 8600 sqft
  • Status : Under development
  • Location : London - UK
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