Cambodia 2015

Cambodia 2015
Tonlé Sap Lake - CAMBODIA

Everything is connected, linked. Everything is constantly in reaction to surrounding factors, everything works like an organism. For the 1.2 million people that call Tonle Sap their home, we propose a series of flexible, easy to construct 6x6m, floating modular bamboo structures, having the section inspired by local houses. Each structure is linked to another and has the ability to open up creating naturally ventilated spaces, sun shading and additional harbor platforms. We encapsulated all the problems in a general, flexible formula that can ripple different solutions according to its implementation, adapted to the main characteristics of the area and the local Khmer cultural identity.


  • Team : arch. Dana Tudor, arch. Dragos Nastase, arch. Ileana Cristina Balan
  • Date : 15.04.2015
  • Area : 600 sqm / 6450 sqft
  • Status : Competition entry
  • Location : Tonlé Sap Lake - CAMBODIA
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