Bauhaus Museum

Bauhaus Museum
Dessau - Germany

Continuing the 2007 project for the City Park in Dessau, our proposal focused on public space that can influence both the built form and the civic quality of the city. We envisioned a space similar to an open square for the entire city to enjoy: a public space next to the park that can define the public realm by avoiding pedestrian barriers. It is the celebration of public space, and the encouragement of public activities that drives the form of our proposal. The building was thought as an open, adaptable framework with large floors offering flexibility for a variety of possible spaces that can be used for multiple activities in the short term with the alternative of long term use for future requirements.


  • Team : Atelier D & RB+P
  • Date : 10.08.2014
  • Area : 4200 sqm / 45200 sqft
  • Status : Proposal
  • Location : Dessau - GERMANY
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