1 room apartment
Bucharest - Romania

Our client's goal was to make the most of their small one room apartment in Bucharest. When dealing with limited space the clever use of partitions implemented here makes all the difference. With such little space for storage and shelves, there’s no such thing as extra space! White was used to bounce light all around the space, while blank space helped to make the apartment look much larger than its 45 square meters. The bed area was cleverly raised above ground, creating storage space and there's also a breakfast bar, which eliminates the need for a dining table. Almost everything is built in - a great choice for small spaces because the eye tends to pass them over.


  • Team : arch. Dana Tudor, arch. Dragos Nastase
  • Date : 10.09.2016
  • Area : 45 sqm / 450 sqft
  • Status : Under development
  • Location : Bucharest - Romania
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