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Cambodia 2015's London Exhibition

Eleven’s London Exhibit - Cambodia 2015's Show Opens in Covent Garden

January 21st 2016, Eleven Magazine launched its first exhibition which took place in London. The event, organised in association with the Architectural Review, is a celebration of Eleven’s Cambodia 2015 architectural and design competition, showcasing sheets and projections of the winners of the challenge along side a selection of some of the best works from other participants.

Cambodia 2015 was Eleven’s first international architecture competition, which launched the brand in the early summer of 2015. The challenge saw 601 people in 243 teams design innovative solutions for a floating building to cater for healthcare, environmental research and education on UNESCO’s Tonle Sap Lake. The lake is South-East Asia’s largest fresh water basin home to 1.2 million people, many of which live on unique movable floating villages. In the challenge, 51 countries were represented from all continents with the exception of Antarctica (turns out Penguins were not keen in joining… this time around).

The competition was run in support of the Angkor Hospital for Children, a charity which operates in Cambodia delivering vital healthcare support to vulnerable children and mothers.

Credits to - Eleven. "Eleven’s London Exhibit" 22 January 2016. Eleven Magazine
Exhibit photos Courtesy of: The Architectural Review / Theodore Wood

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